How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need Cleaned?

Air duct cleaning is removal of debris from your ductwork and your HVAC system. Common debris found in ductwork are dust particles, hair, pet dander and fur, pollen, insect droppings, and construction debris. The possibility of a need for air duct cleaning is often overlooked until you start getting some indicators. So, what are some indicators that you may need air duct cleaning services, you may ask. Let’s go over a few of these below!



A clear sign of dirty air ducts is the presence of small puffs of dust when you turn on your HVAC system. In normal situations, air ducts do not release visible dust or debris when the heating and cooling system is switched on. 


If you notice your filters are needing changed more regularly than usual, this could be an indication that your ducts may be in need of a cleaning. It is recommended that you change your air filter every few months. 


The presence of mold in the ductwork can exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems and spread quickly throughout your home. 

Your heating and cooling system can develop condensation, leading to mold growth in your ductwork. You may spot mold around your vent covers, but unfortunately, many components of your heating and cooling system aren’t easily accessible, so mold in your air ducts can be difficult to detect visually. 

We recommend a yearly inspection if you suspect there are any moisture issues within your ductwork. If mold is present, we recommend a cleaning and sanitizing service of the unit and ductwork


Construction is messy. Even when contractors are diligent about cleaning up and closing off work areas to keep the rest of the site tidy, dust and debris will usually find its way in. Unless the HVAC system is not turned on and kept completely covered during the entire construction process (which isn’t realistic for most homeowners), that dirt and dust will most certainly make its way into your ductwork.

Construction and remodeling dust can contain some pretty nasty particulate matter that you really don’t want to breathe, so it’s best to get this issue remedied quickly before respiratory problems develop.


Are your allergies worsening indoors vs outdoors? This could be an indicator that the allergens are within home. Your HVAC system is blowing hot or cold air through the house and recirculating unclean particles with it.

Whilst air purifiers can improve your allergens, we recommend an inspection of the ductwork as well.


One of the more obvious indicators that your air ducts should be cleaned is inconsistent airflow. If any vents in the home aren’t blowing out air as consistently as the remainder of the vents in the home, you may have a clogged vent.


Another sign of dirty air ducts is if you notice any unpleasant smell in your home when you turn on your HVAC system. Musty smells are often caused by bacterial growth. If you only notice the smell when turning on your heat, it may be that dust and debris are being burned by the heat. This can be a sign that you need to have your air ducts checked.


Cleaning your air ducts is often not considered as a priority, but we think it should be! Keeping your air ducts clean can improve your air flow, your indoor air quality, and most importantly, your health! Want to request an air duct cleaning service for your home? Call us today at 704-450-8555!