mold in air ductCLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning offers duct sanitization services to home and business owners in Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia and surrounding areas. Its important to identify mold in your HVAC system and handle it properly. CLT Quality Air Duct Cleaning offers a few different ways to address these type of circumstances. We will be rigorous and thorough when it comes to this process.

From our experience we find what appears to be mold in 50% of the jobs we service. Duct board is common material used for trunk lines and plenum boxes that is porous and collects mold where moisture builds up. This issues is ongoing due to the fact the industry hasn’t come up with better products. Sanitizing with an anti-microbial can kill the spores that are affecting your air quality. We also offer chemicals to treat odors and smoke damaged ductwork. Specializing in our field has allowed us to be thorough and very effective with our air duct cleaning service.

How We Sanitize Air Ducts

  1. Identify if there is mold in the system
  1. Spray each register with anti-microbial
  1. Spray each vent line with anti-microbial while negative air pressure is present
  1. Spray cold air return, coils, plenum box and trunk lines with anti-microbial
  1. Wipe down any external parts, walls or floors around vents with sanitizer

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